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IOS Training Institute In Chennai

Carvinc Technologies is one of the best IOS training institutes in Chennai. We train you by MNC Professionals with flexible timing option, unlimited lab session and expert Training. If you are eager to learn how to build an app and want to have a go at building IOS apps then this course provides an introduction to potential developers in understanding IOS app development.

The application development process for iOS platforms (iPodTouch, iPhone, iPad and future platforms) relies on a specialized paradigm of application development - the mobile paradigm. Designers and developers of mobile apps are challenged to provide superb user experience on resource-limited platforms where memory, processing power and battery life are at a premium.

Our iOS training courses helps the students to get placement immediately after course completion. Our practical real time iOS project scenarios training helps to work on iOS projects. Our iOS training program helps every student to achieve their goal in iOS career.

Carvinc Technologies iOS training center is having Best lab facilities and excellent infrastructure. We have successfully trained and provided placement for many of our Trained iOS students, iOS training course fees is very economical compared to other Training Institutes In Chennai.

iOS Training In Chennai provide regular training classes, Morning Batches, Evening Batches, Weekend training classes and fast track training classes for iOS. Carvinc provides online and Corporate training classes for iOS.

iOS Training Course Syllabus

Cocoa Touch

  •  View Hierarchy
  •  Responding to Touch Events
  •  Animation / Custom Interactive Transitions
  •  UITableView / UICollectionView
  •  Container View Controllers
  •  Collection Classes Under the Hood
  •  Strings and String Manipulation
  •  Networking with NSURL Session
Core Data
  •  Create and Design Model Objects in a Relational Database (SQLite)
  •  Optimize Your Code for Complex, Lightning-Quick Database Lookups
  •  Migrating your Data
  •  Concurrency and Core Data
APN - Push Notification
App Submission Process
Web APIs
  •  HTTP Protocol
  •  JSON
  •  Callbacks
  •  OAuth


  •  Primitives - Integer, Float, String and Boolean
  •  Collections - Arrays and Dictionaries
  •  Classes and Structs
  •  Enums
  •  Global Functions
  •  Methods
  •  Nested Functions
  •  Closures and Closure Expressions
Essential & Advanced Swift Features
  •  Optionals
  •  Initializers
  •  Nested Types
  •  Extensions
  •  Generics
  •  Advanced Operators and Overloadings
  •  Pattern Matching


Design patterns
  •  MVC
  •  Target Action
  •  Delegation
  •  Notifications
  •  File Structure
  •  Navigation
  •  Build Settings
  •  Property Lists
  •  Bundles
Interface Builder
  •  Storyboards
  •  Size Classes
  •  Autolayout
  •  Xibs
  •  Outlets and Actions
  •  Tags
  •  Breakpoints
  •  Logging
  •  LLDB
  •  Profiling Apps with Instruments
  •  Unit Testing with XCTest
  •  Optimizing Method Calls with Performance Tests


Collaboration-Based Environment
Pair Programming
Group Projects
Agile Work Environment
Cocoa Pods / Carthage
Source Control
  •  Repositories
  •  Forking
  •  Cloning
  •  Pull Requests
  •  Collaborators
SDKs and Frameworks
  •  Facebook
  •  Twitter
  •  Parse
  •  Github
  •  Stack Overflow


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