Web Designing training institutes in Chennai

Web Designing Training Institute in Chennai

Carvinc Technologies is One of the best Web Designing Training institutes in Chennai.Our Web Designing training course is designed to get the placement in good MNC companies with the Knowledge of international standards in Web Designing.Hence you can web designing a page from basic to complex level with more confidence.

About Web Designing

Web design encompasses many different skills and disciplines in the production and maintenance of websites. The different areas of web design include web graphic design; interface design; authoring, including standardised code and proprietary software; user experience design; and search engine optimization. Web design is a similar process of creation, with the intention of presenting the content on electronic web pages, which the end-users can access through the internet with the help of a web browser.

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Introduction to HTML

HTML is a Markup Language which means you use HTML to simply "mark up" a text document with tags that tell a Web browser how to structure it to display.Originally, HTML was developed with the intent of defining the structure of documents like headings, paragraphs, lists, and so forth to facilitate the sharing of scientific information between researchers.

Introduction to CSS

A cascading style sheet (CSS) contains style rules that are applied to elements in a Web page. CSS styles define how elements are displayed and where they are positioned on the page. Instead of assigning attributes to each element on your page individually, you can create a general rule that applies attributes whenever a Web browser encounters an instance of an element or an element that is assigned to a certain style class.

Introduction to JAVASCRIPT

JavaScript is a cross-platform, object-oriented scripting language. It is a small and lightweight language. Inside a host environment (for example, a web browser), JavaScript can be connected to the objects of its environment to provide programmatic control over them.

Introduction to CMS

A CMS system is not a piece of software or program you have installed on your pc, but rather a content editing system which you can access on the web.

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